What Shall We Call Her?

Sticky notes filled with scribbles have taken over my workspace.

I'm so stuck on figuring out a name that I could hardly hold a conversation with G at dinner last night without blurting out some ideas and quickly jotting them down on yet another square of paper.

It feels like the name of this new business has to be *just* right, but while I sit here with a brainstorming hangover and the coffee in my hand brings less clarity than I'd like -- I can't help but wonder if this is my amateur self letting resistance takes over. 

I'm stalling maybe? The lapse giving me an excuse to delay the hard work when I should be testing patterns, sourcing fabrics, connecting with sewers, etc?

I think that this could be partly true, but in all fairness -- the overall brand is largely guided and shaped by a name that wraps it all up in a nice neat little bow. 

It should be compelling and inspirational. I want it to put a smile your face as it rolls of your tongue, but I also want it to have meaning behind it.

This is where my heart gets tripped up and my nervousness sets in... 

My original idea has all these things, and I remember that when the concept popped into my head while we were at church one day, I felt 100% sure that it couldn't be called anything else. 

Now you're thinking: So what's the freaking problem, Lady?

Season creates sustainable silk dresses, handmade in the USA for your eco-friendly capsule wardrobe.

This is where the "trying to be logical" part of my brain steps in and wonders if the working title is both too much and also not enough.

Will people get confused by it's simplicity and mistake it for something else? Is creating something separate from my existing brand going to mean that I will have to start completely from scratch in growing a community who is interested?

Right now, everything feels forced and it is making me seriously question if I'm even supposed to do this thing at all.