Meet: The Pepper Dress

A super-hero cape for your everyday style.



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Made for the gal who wants to dress like it matters.

5+ pieces in one

100% silk

Sewn in the US

Low-waste / eco-friendly

Season creates sustainable silk dresses, handmade in the USA for your eco-friendly capsule wardrobe.


simplified sizing

Thanks to the drape of our silk fabric paired with adjustable straps, we’ve created three simple sizes that are flattering to all body types. To find your size, simply take the circumference of your bust measurement at its fullest point.

Crescent: fits up to a 36” bust.
Curvy: fits up to a 39” bust.
Full: fits up to a 42” bust.


Our models

Jessie (in lilac) wears the Crescent, and her bust measurement is 30” with a bra size of 32AA.

Michelle (in black+white) is wearing the Crescent, and her bust measurement is 32” with a bra size of 32C.

Tutti (in black) is wearing the Curvy, and her bust measurement is 36” with a bra size of 36DDD. 


The Secret is In the Silk


Our 100% silk is sourced from right here in Southern California. The Garment District of Downtown Los Angeles is a bit of a jungle, but we're learning to sidestep the quicksand and making friends as we go.

The fabric that we use for the solid dresses is milled by a family owned/run business, and they have custom-created the perfect 18mm weight of silk charmeuse. We actually use the fabric inside out in order to give the dress a look that is more "modern matte" than "bridesmaids shiny." The extra luminous part is what lays against your skin, and the secret softness is one of the things that makes this dress so special. 

Our printed silk from the collection of Summer 2017 is a deadstock, black on white print that was saved from the attic of a fabric jobber before heading to a landfill. (You can read more about that story right here.)


the full details

  • Made in the US at a small cut + sew shop in LA

  • Can be worn in 10+ ways

  • 100% silk

  • Adjustable straps + simplified sizing

  • Lightweight layering piece that is perfect for all climates

  • Low-waste sewing pattern

  • Eco-friendly dyeing + printing

  • French seams + bias sewn straps

  • A versatile length that works w/ all shoe-heights



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Keep reading for our four core values...


Your Style

The gorgeously flowy fabric allows for plenty of movement while making a big impact.


Adjustable straps + and simple sizing, mean that once you find the right Pepper dress? We guarantee it will always fit. 

It may seem like just one simple dress, but on a closer look -- it changes into at least ten different silhouettes, and we're coming up with new ones all the time! 

You can switch it up based on the season or go from casual to dressy in a heartbeat. Wear it to brunch with girlfriends, over a bathing suit to the beach, as a tunic with leggings, and even with piles of jewelry for a black tie dinner.

With this much style and versatility?

We think this dress will be your favorite piece for years to come.


Form + Function 

Our Pepper Dress has become the perfect style-companion for travel.


The original prototype has gone from city to city as our founder, Jessie, has styled it up for nearly every climate! 

This dress has acted as a scarf-stand-in on freezing cold plane rides across the country, and even emerges safely from our sweaty trips to the Summer Flea Market here in Long Beach.

How do we do it? The secret's in the silk.

The breathable nature keeps you cool on hot days, and the natural protein structure preserves your body heat during the cold. Silk regulates body temperature, and has impressive moisture wicking properties which keeps you dry and comfortable in any climate or season.


Our Makers

These dresses are gentle on the hands that sew them, and proudly produced right here in the United States.


Our first round will be made at a small cut-and-sew shop in Chicago, Illinois.

The men and women who work there are valued and taken care of, and of course they are incredibly skilled at what they do. As many of us have begun to learn more about the dark side of the fashion industry, we've decided that there is simply no other choice but to produce this dress in a thoughtful and ethical way.



Planet Earth

Each dress is made from 100% biodegradable silk.


We work directly with the fabric mill to get exactly the right weight, and the generous drape is one of the things that make our dresses so unique. Not only is the material incredibly luxurious, but since we never use harmful synthetic fibers---that means this dress is better for you AND for the planet. We also use a digital printing and dyeing process, which saves significantly more water than the traditional methods.

Our team has developed a pattern that makes the most of every thread. It has simple lines and four identical panels, which means a lower yield of fabric AND our waste gets turned into the darling silk bandanas you see in the photos here. 

ADDED BONUS: Our garments are machine washable! (Delicate cycle, please.) You can skip the dry cleaning, which means less chemicals, fewer errands, and more money in your pocket!