This is my Season

Season creates sustainable silk dresses, handmade in the USA for your eco-friendly capsule wardrobe.

Talk about changing major directions in less than a day! 

Yesterday I felt SO confused and muddled about the name I thought I wanted. I still feel really connected to that idea and excited about the whole concept, but now I'm thinking that I'll save it for something else. 

(Remind me to tell you sometime because it's really pretty good.)

In an effort to keep the ball rolling today, I started clicking around on to see if I could discover something that clicked. After a handful of dead-ends, I saw something that brought a huge smile to my face, the very minute I said it out loud. 

I love it so much that it almost brings tears to my eyes. 

Not only is it a combination of letters that make up both "sea" and "son" (which are both two words that feel very special), but its literal connection to the rest of my pepper-related brands make it truly feel like the most perfect fit.

I love what it stands for, I love how it looks, I love daydreaming about where it will take me. 

Now, there is finally one thing that I know for sure: 

This is my Season.