Let's Get The Party Started

Season creates sustainable silk dresses, handmade in the USA for your eco-friendly capsule wardrobe.

Absolute insanity. 

The very next day (post-bikini-body meltdown), I wore a different swimsuit and felt so hot that I half expected my cover up to melt right off of my skin.

Why didn't I see this coming, and how the heck did my heart shift overnight?

Was it the previously-low expectations being blown out of the water by the fresh start of a new day? Was it the 500 crunches that I did that morning (no joke), or the detox cucumber green juice I had for lunch? 

I have a strong hunch that the optical illusions from the fit of a different suit were doing me some strong favors, and now I majorly wish that I would have bought a few more in my size. 


Now back to business before I head to the beach:

I've got a splash page website up and running, and a few branding ideas starting to take shape inside my head.

This is the kind of stuff I could do all day, so I'm feeling the need to be more disciplined about doing the ACTUAL work instead of just putzing around on the fun stuff.

I still need to get up the guts to call a dressmaker when I get back to my real desk.

In terms of timing, I surprised myself last night when I hinted at the project to a friend and then blurted out that it would be launching this upcoming Spring... ??

Part of me says we'll see about that, and the other part of me says: let's get this party started.