How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Silk

Wrinkles are bound to happen when you’re working with a drapey fabric like silk. While our Pepper Dress was made to be worn whether it’s rumpled or not, you may find yourself wanting to smooth it out after being squashed, folded or stuffed into the bottom of your beach bag for a few days. (This last one’s not advisable, but it has totally happened to us.)

Creases may be caused by a number of things, but they most notably appear when a fabric goes from wet to dry while holding a particular shape. This process locks the tiny fibers into place (No!) and the best way to get rid of those wrinkles is by gently warming the fabric so it can relax back into its original state. (Yay!)

When it comes to applying heat to your silk, there is one main rule: Never use an iron! The extreme heat will likely damage your dress, so instead here are three iron-free ways to keep the wrinkles at bay:


1.) Always Air Dry

Washing your Pepper Dress is totally a-o-k, but machine or tumble drying is a major no-no. While your dryer may come in handy for relaxing wrinkles in other fabrics, the steady heat and agitation could permanently damage your silk and it’s definitely not worth the risk!

Luckily, silk is a fabric that air-dries super quickly and this will actually keep wrinkles from forming in the first place. Remove excess water after a wash by laying your dress on top of a towel and gently rolling them together in order to press out the moisture. Do not wring or twist the dress as it could change the overall shape of the silhouette. Finish by air-drying your dress on a rust-proof hanger (we like these because of the strap notches) and this is also a great way to prevent static cling!

Pro tip: Avoid hanging your dress in direct sunlight or next to a radiator as it may cause the lighter silks to yellow and darker silks to fade.


2.) When In A Pinch, use the shower Steam.

It’s one hour before you need to leave the house, and as you pull out your Pepper Dress, the stubborn wrinkles have decided they want to come too. If you’re still getting ready, simply leave your Pepper Dress hanging in the bathroom while you shower and let your dress hang in the steam for as long as possible. The moisture and warmth will gently loosen the wrinkled fabric and as it dries, your dress will become crease free. 


3.) For Frequent Wrinkles, Invest In A Handheld Steamer

If wrinkles seem to be a frequent problem then perhaps it’s time to invest in a steamer! Thankfully, it doesn’t take a huge contraption to get the job done and there are many affordable options that heat up quickly and will totally do the trick. Look for a handheld steamer that emits a medium amount of moisture, and it you’re looking for a recommendation, we love the Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam for being effective, affordable, and lightweight.

For our steaming newbies: simply place your dress securely on a hanger and hook it safely onto a door frame or a curtain rod that you can trust. Once the steamer is ready, carefully glide it over the wrinkles while gently holding the fabric taught from the bottom. By manually flattening out the wrinkles as you apply the steam, it will ensure that your dress returns to it’s smooth and silky state.


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