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How To Remove Static Cling From A Silk Dress

You’ve pulled together a killer look, and all the accessories have magically fallen into place. Everything is going well until you realize that the silk of your dress has wrapped itself around your legs like a 2-year-old with separation anxiety. 

Nothing ruins the vibe of a silk dress like a bad case of static, but there's good news for anyone ready to kick “cling” to the curb!

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Two Easy Ways To Wash Your Silk Dress (That Don't Involve The Dry Cleaners)

Dry Clean Only are perhaps the three most dreaded words when it comes to that bossy little care tag inside your ideal item of clothing. Even if the piece is reasonably priced, the idea of spending extra money (and time!) to keep it clean is enough to make us abandon even the most beautiful silk garment.

Here are some pro-tips for cleaning the fabric you love to wear but hate to wash...

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How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Silk

Our Pepper Dress was made to be worn whether it’s rumpled or not, but you may find yourself wanting to smooth it out after being squashed, folded or stuffed into the bottom of your beach bag* for a few days.

*This last one’s not advisable, but has totally happened to us.

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How To Steam Your Pepper Dress

Crumpled clothing can happen to even the most careful closet keepers. Whether it’s a pile of dresses covering the chair in your room or the wet laundry that’s still waiting in the washing machine (OMG I knew I forgot something...) we’ve certainly all been there and we’re not here judge.

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30 Ways To Wear A Silk Slip Dress

What happens when a style expert wears the same dress for 30 days straight? Find out right here and prepare to be inspired while you learn how to take your silk dress to the next level. 

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