Earn a free Pepper Dress by selling Season to your friends! 

Check out the process below to see how it works... 


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Share the Code

1.) Purchase the Pepper Dress of your choice and let us know you'd like to enroll in the program. We will send you a custom discount code to offer to your community! 


Earn your Cash

2.) Anytime someone purchases their own Pepper Dress using your code, you'll receive $50 back towards the cost of your dress. The first four sales that you make will fall under this tier of payment and when you sell the fifth dress, your referral gift will cover the remaining $85.

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Get Paid

3.) The referral gifts are paid back to you using PayPal or Venmo (your choice) and will be sent within one business day of each sale that is made. Important note: In order to receive your gift, the customers MUST use your special code at checkout.



Interested in joining our Season Squad?

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