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Meet The Pepper Dress

100% silk + ethically made.
Clever design, styled in multiple ways.


A note from our founder:


Season is exactly what I've dreamt of wearing (and creating!) over the past nine years of wishing for a dress that always fits...

A silhouette that feels gracious, yet playful --- Thoughtfully designed, and up for adventure at any turn. 

I've worn many hats throughout the fashion industry, and my belief amidst all of them has been this:

Everyone deserves a wardrobe of pieces that help them look and feel fabulous.

Nothing makes me happier than knowing our dresses are gentle on the environment, kind to the hands that sew them, and liberating for the women who want to feel beautiful throughout the pursuit of a flavorful life.

XOXO - Jessie


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The Story of Season

The first prototype was created sometime around Summer 2010... A frankenstein-frock pieced together from two different dresses rescued from a Goodwill in Kansas City, MO. 

Moving to NYC in 2011 prompted the purchase of a few extra layers, but the dress stayed a constant and very forgiving staple in Jessie's closet. Together, they traveled the US (and beyond!) and then finally headed back to Southern CA in 2015.

Life at the beach has brought about drastic career changes, notable weight fluctuations, and the chance to pursue something very near + dear to this style expert's heart. 

As a brand, we're passionate about body-image, ethical standards, and clever design -- but we ALSO believe that you deserve to look great when you walk out the door to do your thing.

Launching this design stems from years of playing dress-up with hundreds of styling clients, and it is such a dream to keep pursuing the chance to make an impact on the fashion industry!

In the meantime: we've got a few new garments and some exciting collaborations up our silky little sleeves, but for now -- as we've always said -- we're making this Pepper Dress just for you. 

Handy Press Info

Feel free to grab any of the hi-res images from our media kit... You'll also find .jpg and .png logo files, as well as some shots of our founder Jessie in her signature Pepper Dress. 


Media Contact

Jessie Artigue   |   602.361.3005


Find more details in our shop, and of course -- please let us know if you have any additional questions! 



Gal Behind the Brand

Creator of Season   |   dog-lover   |   Skincare junkie

Jessie Artigue is a style expert and on-air host with a heart for helping women find their confidence in truth.

She is the creator of Season: a line of ethically made, body positive dresses that are meant to be worn for the pursuit of a flavorful life.

As a notable leader in blogging + social media since 2007, Artigue founded her site Style + Pepper as a place to encourage women along their own personal style journey. She is a dynamic speaker at dozens of conferences, retreats and workshops across the US, and has been featured in top-ranked media outlets such as Good Morning America, Vogue, Harper's BAZAAR, Lucky Magazine, HGTV, Huffington Post and Access Hollywood. 

When she's not straight-pinning new dress-designs or podcasting with her handsome husband, you can find her whipping up plant-based recipes or running with her rescue pup along the beach in Southern California.

Learn more about her work at or pop over to instagram to say a quick hello!