Our Values


Your Style

... Takes a hit when you realize that nothing in your closet seems quite right. Finding clothes that you love and actually want to keep for a long time can be tough, but there is nothing like finally discovering "The One" – A timeless piece that helps you feel most like your very best self. 


... Are two things that should always go hand in hand. Clever design can be beautiful too, and our promise is to create apparel that always includes both elements. We hope Season will become the best wardrobe investment you've ever made, and cheers to a dress that you'll wear for many adventures yet to come! 

Our Makers

... Live and work in the United States, but they feel most at home at the helm of a sewing machine. They're mothers and daughters and sisters just like us, and we are so lucky to call them a part of our team. Watch a short film about our production process right over here

Planet Earth

... Doesn't get as much thanks as she deserves, and yet never stops spinning for the people who live here. Environmental stewardship is very important to us, and we make decisions about our line that keep her best interest in mind. Let us know if you have any Q's, and don't forget to recycle our previously recycled packaging! ;)



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