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Shipping within the United States is free! -- All dresses ordered before June 1st will be shipped in September of 2017. We ship USPS, Fedex or UPS. If you are located outside the US, please contact us directly and we'd be happy to create a custom order. (Currently our additional shipping options include Canada + Australia, but we hope to be adding new locations soon!) 

Once the dresses have been produced, expedited shipping will also be an option. 
Please email with your specific request. 


We want you to be be 100% in love with your Pepper Dress! If you aren't completely satisfied, contact with your order number and a description of the issue. Unfortunately, we're not able to offer refunds at this time but if you're concerned about fit, we'd love to find an item from our site that will work. ALL returned merchandise must be unworn, unused and in original condition with tags attached. You will be responsible for the return shipping charge and all items must be sent back within 10 days of receiving the item.
Please allow up to two weeks for the processing of your return from the date we receive your purchase. Be aware that Season is not responsible for any returned packages not received, so you may want to ensure that the item(s) are sent back through a traceable and/or insurable method.


FAQ With Our Founder


I love the idea of this dress! I watched your video and saw the 4 different ways to wear the dress, but the description says that there are 10+ ways. Do you have a video of all of them or pictures?

At the time of filming our video back in March, we decided to highlight the four “main ways” but ever since then it’s been easy to come up with many new versions as we wear it throughout the Summer! 

Jessie actually wore the dress for 30 days straight a little earlier this year, and you can find her sharing snippets of each outfit over on this special page of our site.


Please let me know your options for bust size 44 DD. Thanks!

In order to find the correct size, we'll need the measurement of your actual bust circumference (in inches) taken at the widest point. If you don’t have a flexible tape measurer, we suggest using a length of yarn or string and then measuring that with a ruler! 

Not everyone's measurement here matches the number in their bra size, so we always recommend that it's a good idea to double check. :) 

Technically, our Full size is roomy enough to accommodate up to a measurement of 42", but w


Will you be offering that pretty blue color that is featured in the photos from the website?

Hopefully at some point! That lovely lilac color WAS an option during our Kickstarter campaign, but we unfortunately we didn't meet the minimum order quantity before pre-orders closed. 

Fingers are crossed that there will be more opportunities for different colors down the road, and in the meantime we will absolutely keep you posted in case anything changes! Feel free to sign up for The Spice List if you’d like to have first dibs. 😉

Can you help me decide between the Crescent and the Curvy? The instructions said to take a measurement of my bust at the fullest point, but the models and their bra sizes threw me off. 

36A is the bra size that seems to fit me the best, but I have a large torso with small boobs, so the actual measurement ends up being 37.5" -- I'm definitely shaped differently than the curvier model, and I'm worried that the dress will be way too roomy at the top.  

Do you think it is better to go bigger or smaller with the dress size?

I can totally relate! Here are my thoughts: 

The circumference at the top of the dress (essentially right at the armpit area) is the narrowest part, and for most people this is also the spot where their maximum bust measurement would be taken from. I also have a pretty big rib cage (with AA cups!) and I prefer the Crescent because it keeps the sides of the dress from hitting me too low at the spot where my upper arms touch my torso. Typically someone’s boobs would push the dress out in the front to prevent this from happening, but of course it's different for everybody. 

All that to say, I am going to recommend that you go with the Crescent option and please keep us posted on how it works out! 


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