Dress Of My Dreams

How the hell am I supposed to know if this something on my heart is pulling me in the right direction OR away from the things that I "should" be doing instead?

I've been dreaming about these dresses since 2012, but there have been too many logistical challenges standing in my way.

Not enough time, not enough capital, not enough knowledge.
Too much diversion for my existing brands. 
Too much competition in a saturated market.
Too much fear of failure gripping my heart. 

Launching our podcast last year has been one of my all-time favorite things EVER, and designing the dresses back then was merely a twinkle in my eye. Fast forward to now (between Seasons 2 + 3), and even though I finally started having some extra time: I used it to launch a new spin-off show as a way to hopefully keep the Marriage is Funny momentum going. 

I'm realizing as I look at the situation objectively, that The Perfect Wife might have actually been the perfect excuse to keep from pressing forward with something I really want to do.

And I really want to do this dress line, even though it scares the shit out of me. 

At this very moment, I've got clients and listeners waiting for me right and left, so off I go to make a dent in the ever-growing to-do list. 

In the meantime, I'll save this little to spot as a place to keep hoping and dreaming (and writing) about what it would be like to see this finally happen.

I have to think that it wouldn't be so consistently tugging on my heart unless there were some sort of redeeming reason... Even if it's just to inspire a few heartfelt journal entries that end in prayer.

Lord, you hear my words, but you also know my aching groans and silent sighs before they even leave my lips.

Please use me to bring glory to your name every day and guide me along this journey with your gentle hand.

I'm humbly asking that you would make my next steps painfully obvious because I'm feeling stubborn and confused and haven't had my second cup of coffee yet.

In your holy name, I pray all these things - Amen. 

Jessie PepperComment